My 5 Favourite Things to do in Saugeen Shores

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Are you re-locating to Saugeen Shores and you are wondering, “what is there to do?”. In this blog, I will share with you my 5 favourite things to do in Saugeen Shores including reason #1 which is my ultimate favourite activity. 


Music:  Here in Saugeen Shores, we are blessed with an amazing pool of talent.  I am standing in front of Duffys in Southampton where they host open mic and karaoke which I have participated in from time to time.  We have local pubs like The Wismer House and the Queens in Port Elgin that host amazing live music.  Chesters has open mics on Tuesday nights.  Blackboard Sound is a small music school and store located downtown and provides lessons for guitar and piano.  There are local choirs like the Chantry Singers or Allegro Youth Choir as well as other music programs throughout the community.


The Great Outdoors – The Rail Trail is miles and miles of trails for hiking or biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing.  I live across the street from one of the trails and I walk it frequently all year round..   There are many access points throughout Saugeen Shores.   If you enjoy snowmobiling, there are many trails available to you as well that will connect you to other communities.  There is a bike path along Lake Huron from Port Elgin to Southampton where you will see plenty of lake views, luxury homes and sunsets along this stretch.  The Saugeen River flows through our area and it is always a good time to canoe or kayak down the river.  You can rent equipment from Thorncrest Outfitters and they will shuttle you down to your access points as well.


You can enjoy swimming all year round in Saugeen Shores as we have an indoor swimming pool located right here in Port Elgin at our local highschool. If you haven’t been to our beaches in Saugeen Shores, you are in for a treat. We have sandy beaches and beautiful blue water.  You boat enthusiasts will enjoy our local Saugeen Shores harbour that operates from May to October. You can enjoy walking along the boardwalk enjoying Lake Huron views or take a seat in one of the many benches to be mesmerized by our breathtaking sunsets.  Main beach in Saugeen Shores can be very busy but as a local, you will soon learn the more quieter beaches to use.  There are many beach accesses throughout Saugeen Shores.  There is also a proposed Saugeen Shores YMCA scheduled for construction in Spring 2023.  Exciting things are happening here and you get to be a part of our exciting community growth.


Theatre – Southampton is home to the Bruce County Playhouse.  Here you will enjoy the local theatre productions that take place during the summer.  This is #1 on my list of favourite things to do.  There are also local community theatres in Owen Sound and Kincardine which I was lucky enough to be a cast member in 2020.  I can’t wait to be back on stage!  Owen Sound also has a Galaxy Cinema which has 7 screens.

Southampton Theatre

These are my 5 favourite things to do in Saugeen Shores but there is so much more to do.  Check out my next video where I talk about families moving to Saugeen Shores and what there is to do for kids.

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