What 5 Things You Need to Know Before Relocating to Saugeen Shores

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Are you re-locating to Saugeen Shores for work, or retire or now that you can work remotely, you want to move out of the City.  No matter what the reasons, these are MY 5 things you need to know before re-locating to Saugeen Shores, including reasons you may not like. 

Reason #1 to Relocate to Saugeen Shores

Reason #1 – Our Beaches.  If you haven’t been to our beaches in Saugeen Shores, you are definitely missing out. We have sandy beaches and beautiful blue water.  It’s like you are on a tropical vacation.  You can enjoy walking along the boardwalk enjoying Lake Huron views or take a seat in one of the many benches and appreciate the breathtaking sunsets.  The main beach can be very busy but as a local, you will soon learn the more quieter beaches to use.  There are many beach accesses throughout Saugeen Shores.

Reason #2 to Relocate to Saugeen Shores

Reason #2  Nightlife:  Are you one that loves hopping from one nightclub to another with VIP bottle service, well you won’t find that here, but what you will find are great pubs and some that have their own brewery, open mic nights, karaoke nights and some of the best live music there is to offer.  If you are looking for an uber or taxi after a night out then unfortunately, you may be waiting for a very long time. No ubers and taxis are really hit and miss if you can even get one.  So you will  have to plan in advance for a ride home or you can also walk if you don’t live too far which is great about living in a small community.

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Reason #3 to Relocate To Saugeen Shores

Reason #3 – Shopping and Restaurants:  Here in Saugeen Shores we have quaint stores and great restaurants. We have fine dining and pubs to suit any taste.  What we lack in quantity of these amenities, we gain in quality.  Saugeen Shores is blessed with a local produce market, Hi-Berry Farms which is open from May-October.  Here you will find all your fresh produce.  Many local restaurants feature their produce on their menus.  We may not have a mall in Saugeen Shores but we do have fabulous clothing stores to choose from. If you want more choices of restaurants and malls and things to do outside of this community, every large City is approximately a 2 hour drive away, whether that is London, Kitchener, Barrie or Guelph. We definitely encourage everyone to shop local, however, if you can’t find what you need, there is always Amazon so you won’t feel like you are missing out too much about shopping in the City.

Reason #4 to Relocate to Saugeen Shores

Reason #4 – Winter.  If you aren’t prepared, this could be a deal breaker for you but don’t let it be.  I find the winter is just as much fun as the summer here. Yes the snow is horizontal here and yes you will be snow blowing or shoveling most of the winter but really, there are some pluses.  We have miles and miles of trails where you can snowshoe or cross country ski.  Lots of skidoo trails to take advantage of, ice fishing nearby and McGregor Point Provincial Park has an outdoor skating oval and Saugeen Shores has an area for indoor skating.   You won’t be bored.  Yes the roads tend to close here a few times during the winter and I may have missed out on a concert one year because of weather but it gives you an excuse to stay in, stay warm and relax with your family since no one is going anywhere anyway.  Be prepared for a few hours a year of not having hydro due to wind and storms.  If you have kids, nothing makes them more happier than a snow day!

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Reason #5 to Relocate to Saugeen Shores

Reason #5 – The Best part of moving to Saugeen Shores is the People.  I have lived in Saugeen Shores since 2007 and I am always amazed at the kindness and generosity of the people here.  There are many local clubs for both adults and kids all run by volunteers who put in hours of their free time for the benefit of this community.  With approximately 15,000 people in Saugeen Shores, it isn’t unusual to bump into people you know all that time.  You will make life long friends in no time.

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